Here are photos of the college hockey game between the Rochester Institute of Technology Tigers Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Engineers on October 22, 2016 at Houston Field House in Troy, NY.

The Engineers earned their first victory of the season with a 6-3 win over RIT on Saturday night at Houston Field House. The Engineers had a commanding 3-1 lead in the second period but allowed RIT to tie the game up. RPI settled down and rolled off three unanswered goals in route to victory. The RPI special teams were outstanding scoring two power-play goals and along with a short-handed goal. Captain Riley Bourbonnais lead the way for the Engineers with two goals and an assist.

Cam Hackett looks for the puck after making a save (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)

Here are the game photos of the college football game between the University of Central Florida Knights and the University of Connecticut Huskies on October 22, 2016 at Pratt & Whitney Stadium at Rentschler Field in East Hartford, CT.

In a back and forth battle, UCF pulled out a huge 24-16 victory over UConn. Freshman quarterback McKenzie Milton spoiled the UConn homecoming by completing 29 of 45 passes for 317 yards and three touchdowns for the Knights. Milton was able to avoid the UConn pressure and complete some big passes down the field.

Arkeel Newsome had a solid game for the Huskies, rushing for 101 yards on 21 carries in the loss.

Central Florida improved their record to 4-3 and is now within two wins of becoming bowl eligible. The Huskies drop to 3-5 on the season.

Pratt & Whitney Stadium at Rentschler Field (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)
Here are photos of the college hockey game between the Rochester Institute of Technology Tigers and the Union College Dutchmen from October 21, 2016 at Messa Rink in Schenectady, NY.

The Dutchmen defeated the Tigers 5-2 in their home opener, behind Mike Vecchione who lead the way with two goals and an assist. Alex Sakellaropoulos was solid in net for the Dutchmen, allowing only two goals and making 16 saves.

Mike Rotolo makes a save (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)
Face-off (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)

(photo credit: UConn Athletics)
by: Corey Mansfield

For the longest time, I've wanted to attend a "big time" college football game. However, my options are pretty limited since I pay for all the travel expenses myself and couldn't afford to attend a game at like Alabama or Michigan. Many people told me I should go to Syracuse and attend a game, but I've already been there.

After looking at a map I realized that the University of Connecticut (UConn) is only two hours away from where I live (closer than Syracuse). It would be a perfect opportunity to attend a "big time" college football game.

After chatting with one of their athletic communication directors I was given media credentials to their October 22nd game against the University of Central Florida, which is their homecoming game.

It's going to be really awesome to experience UConn football; especially the stadium, atmosphere, and tradition. Every college and university are different and I want to see what separates UConn from the rest.

The game itself should be unbelievable also as both UConn and Central Florida have three wins on the season and are fighting to get to six wins to become bowl eligible. Last week the Huskies lost to the University of South Florida 42- 27 to drop their record of 3-4 on the year. While Central Florida lost a heartbreaker in the final seconds to Temple 26-25 to drop to 3-3 on the season. 

The Knights and the Huskies both like to throw the ball. A big difference in this game could be whether the UConn defense can rattle UCF's freshman quarterback McKenzie Milton and cause him to make mistakes. Also, both teams have been susceptible to the run on the season and this game may come down to who can control the line of scrimmage. It should be a fun game to watch.

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Here are photos of the college football game between the Hobart College Statesmen and the RPI Engineers on October 8, 2016 at East Campus Field in Troy, NY.

The Statesmen and Engineers traded blows in the fourth quarter. However,  a pass inference call gave RPI first and goal with under a minute left in the game. A couple plays later Ed Trimpert scampered in from 5-yards out to give the Engineers 21-17 lead with only 20 seconds left. The RPI defense held off Hobart in the final seconds to secure the upset victory.

National Anthem (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)
Coin toss (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)

by Corey Mansfield 

The New York Mets season ended Wednesday night with a crushing defeat to the San Fransisco Giants in the National League Wild Card game.

Curtis Granderson (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)

There were some very questionable decisions made by Mets manager Terry Collins  in the game.
The first was in the bottom of the 5th inning when TJ Rivera led off with a double (the first hit off Madison Bumgarner). Collins elected to have Jay Bruce swing away instead of sacrificing (bunt) Rivera to third. Since runs were going to be at a premium this would have have put a runner on third base with two cracks at driving the run in. Instead Bruce didn't advance the runner and nothing materialized.  Some would say that Jay Bruce is a power hitter and shouldn't be bunting because of his intentional to hit a home run. However, Bruce is hitting below .200 in his career versus Bumgarner.

The second and I think most devastating mistake was Terry Collins not intentionally walking Conor Gillaspie in the top of the ninth inning. Bruce Bouchy had already put a pinch hitter on-deck for Bumgarner.  If Collins would have walked Gillaspie then the Mets would have gotten a chance to face the Giants very shaky bullpen with Bumgarner out the game. However, Collins decided to pitch to Gillaspie who then hit a three-run dinger giving the Giants a commanding lead. It also allowed Bumgarner to stay in the game and he eventually sat down the Mets 1-2-3 in the bottom of the 9th inning. Even if the Mets walked Gillaspie and the Giants sent up Bumgarner instead of the pinch hitter, then you are facing a pitcher not a seasoned hitter.

Ultimately, the players still play the game. But I felt Terry Collins did a poor job managing the game which led to the loss.

Here are photos of the college hockey game between the McGill University Redmen and the RPI Engineers on October 2, 2016 at Houston Field House in Troy, NY.

In a very physical game, the Engineers defeated the Redmen 3-0 behind a shutout from freshman goalie Chase Perry. Riley Bourbonnais, Jacob Hayhurst, and Evan Tironese all scored goals for RPI.

RPI Goalie, Chase Perry (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)
Cam Hackett warms up before the game (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)

I got a chance to attend a football game at East Campus Field on the campus of RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) this past weekend and I was extremely impressed.

A view of East Campus Field from the visiting sideline (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)
I had emailed their athletic department a few days prior to the game and they accommodated my request for media credentials. They even told me where to park to make it easier for me, which I thought was pretty cool.

Since I had a media credentials I didn't need to buy a ticket. However, their ticket prices are $10 for premium seating and $5 for general admission.

RPI is located in Troy, NY which has seen a major infrastructure overhaul the last few years with many new hotels and restaurants being built around the campus.

I knew it wasn't going to take me to long to get to RPI from my house but I still got to there early because I didn't know the layout of the campus and was pretty positive I would get lost. Sure enough, I did. However, their was a security guard there who directed me to the parking lot.

After I parked my car I headed down to the field which was only a short walk away. The stadium is immediately noticeable as it's an actually stadium, not a field. You get the feeling immediately that it's something special.

After getting my media credential I walked up the ramp to the stands and down to field level.

Some the banners as you walk up the ramp to the stadium (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)
The stadium was very clean and well maintained. You could tell the school takes great pride in it.

A view of the field when you enter it (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)
One of the best things about the East Campus Field is their "jumbo" screen in the corner of the endzone. Not only does it give the feel of professional sports arena but also shows replays and graphics which is great for fans.

The scoreboard at RPI (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)

The atmosphere of the stadium was also great as they had a pep band and cheerleaders. It made you feel like you were at a "big time" college football game even though it was only a small school.

I didn't get a chance to wonder around the stadium and check out their concession stand or "pro shop" but they had both.

Overall, the experience was great. The stadium was beautiful, friendly, and definitely a great place to spend a Saturday watching a game.

Here are some more photos of East Campus Field:

The stands at East Campus field prior to their game against St. Lawrence (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)

The 50 yard line. (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)

A view from the back corner of the endzone (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)
Another view of the stands looking at one of the campus buildings (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)
Last weekend, I got a chance to attend my first Union College football game in Schenectady, NY. It was definitely a nice experience for my first in-person college football game in a long time.

Union College is a nice little school tucked away in Schenectady, NY. Their football team plays in Division III and is a member of the Liberty League.

A view of the scoreboard and American flag (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)
The field isn't hard to get to at all and almost all the parking for games are in the street adjacent to the field. The parking is free.

I didn't have to buy a ticket because I media credentials. However, the cost of a ticket was only $8 for an adult which isn't bad. There is a hill on the visiting team sideline where many fans sit and watch the game. I'm not sure if sitting there requires a ticket. If it doesn't then that's pretty cool.

A view of the hill over looking the field (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)
The field itself is pretty basic with the normal stands and press box. Many fans don't sit in the stands but rather stand along the fence line or on the hill.

Stands and press box (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)

The venue is pretty clean and well taken care of. It has a unique charm for a small school venue. One of the cool things that happens during the game is that at after every Union score they shoot off a canon. All though it's extremely loud, it's still pretty awesome.

After the game they allowed fans to go on the field and get autographs of the Union football team.

Overall, it's a nice little venue to visit on a Saturday afternoon to catch a football game.

Here are some more pictures of Bailey Field:

In the distance fans come down the walkway to the game (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)

The football field is in the middle of the track (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)

Press box (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)

The turf looks really nice (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)

The scoreboard (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)

A view from the back of the endzone (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)

A view from the visiting sideline looking at the home sideline (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)

A shot looking the endzone and campus in the background (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)

Here are photos of STAR WARS Night on September 4, 2016 at Centennial Field in Burlington, VT between the Lowell Spinners and Vermont Lake Monsters.

The Spinners defeated the 'Monsters 8-3 behind CJ Chatham who went 3-for-4 with three RBI.

Stormtrooper! (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)
Matt McLean waits on deck to lead off the game (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)

Dakota Chalmers (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)

Here are photos of the high school football game between the St. Johnsbury Academy Hilltoppers and South Burlington High School Rebels from September 2, 2016 at Munson Field in South Burlington, VT.

The Hilltoppers scored 18 seconds into the game and cruised to a 41-7 opening week victory over the Rebels.

Here come the Rebels... (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)

Here are photos of game one of the doubleheader between the Hudson Valley Renegades and Tri-City ValleyCats from August 22, 2016 at Joseph L. Bruno Stadium in Troy, NY.

Spencer Moran pitched six solid shutout innings and Jonathan Popadics drove in Nathaniel Lowe for the lone run of the game as the Renegades defeated the ValleyCats 1-0.

Garrett Whitley signs autographs before the game (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)

I'm not a New York Yankee fan. I'm not an Alex Rodriguez fan. I'm a baseball fan.

Many people will forever criticize him for the mistakes that he made off the field and rightfully so. However, you can't deny the talent that he was. He was one the greats regardless of what anyone says. It's easy for fans to sit back and talk the talk but Rodriguez walked the walk.

Alex Rodriguez before a game at Camden Yards (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)
He was only nineteen years old when he came to the major leagues. He was a kid. Do you remember where you were when you were nineteen? You were easily influenced by the good people and bad people. Many of those influenced who you became years later.

Rodriguez was given so much at a young age but he still had to earn it. He still had to come to the ballpark every day. He still had to walk into the batters box. He still had a swing the bat. He swung 696 times and hit a home run, fourth all-time.

Yes, Rodriguez made mistakes but he still showed up every day to play the game.

Baseball is a game of numbers. So I'll leave you with these numbers...

.295 batting average, 696 home runs, and 2086 RBI

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