Sent Randy a Facebook message and he replied back with a business address to send these cards to get autographed too. True to his word he autographed both of them nicely with blue sharpie to go with the rest of the set signed in blue sharpie (didn't even ask him t00). Unfortunately, at the time I send these I didn't have the other cards of his from other Duck sets. Great success!

2/2 - 2010 Long Island Ducks team set, 10th Anniversary Ducks set
Received 4/4 cards signed by Bud Harrelson today. Although I go to Duck games I needed a lot of Bud Harrelson autographs for the team sets. I thought it would be easier to send TTM. Oddly enough he signed all with different pens. Still a nice success!
Today I received my DVD "Centennial" case back from Alex Karras signed. Alex was notably known for playing football, Monday Night Football, Blazing Saddles, and Webster. However, he had a major role in one of my favorite min-series "Centennial."

I didn't have any other cards to send along, so I sent a couple of blank cards which he also signed and to my surprise he included his own photo!

Great player, Great Actor, and Great Signer!
I collected sports memorabilia my whole like but after I met my wife I stopped for a while, but when my son Jake was born I decided to get back into it. First, I started to collect fan packs which is has taken off like crazy. Every day we continue to receive things in the mail from teams and colleges all over the country.

The second is a custom index card autograph collection of all the former UVM(University of Vermont) hockey players in the NHL.

And finally a collection of Long Island Ducks memorabilia including pocket schedules, autograph major issued cards, team sets, and team photos.

Hopefully, my site can help people with their collecting. Obviously, you'll see some time lapses from when I stopped collecting until I got back into collecting.
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