24 Man Roster?

Since the recent news that Mike Parisi was signed by the Dodgers, the Ducks have yet to announce a replacement for his roster spot, and carrying a roster of 24 players.

After the game last Saturday I saw Heath Phillips and asked him when he was coming back and he told me Monday, which was true. I also found out about Jason Monti hurting his thumb and being place on the inactive list.

Are the Ducks going to sign another player or wait for Jason Monti to come back from his injury.

Collectors stay alert if the Ducks do sign a "new" player to fill Parisi's roster spot.
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  1. It's not uncommon to play a man short for a few days... after all, there are plenty of leagues that consider 24 players to be a full roster.

    - Paul

  2. I know it's not that uncommon but the Ducks usually fill their roster spots right away. They also may not feel the need to fill the spot because they've already made the playoffs.