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It was extremely weird standing outside Bethpage Ball Park in June waiting to get autographs. I realized how unprepared I was to do it, but I soon used some old knowledge to get back into it.

- A little research goes a long way. Take a look at a teams roster and do a search to see if the player has a major issued baseball card. You'll be surprised what comes up. Many players never made it to the majors in Independent leagues but had major issued cards, especially from companies like Bowman. Websites like have a huge selection of cards from sellers all over the United States.

- Make the cards easy to sign, and try to minimize any hassle involved in signing. Most collectors will use photo corners and display their cards so that players and just go down the road of cards signing. I've seen binder used but I prefer to use a 11x14 tri-fold display board. This allows me to put cards on the board, but also pictures and other flat items.

- Knowing the players is always important. I can't tell you how many times I called a player the wrong name. Bring a roster with you, or if you are going to a pregame autograph signing; then label your cards with post-its and jersey numbers. This way you can get through the autograph line as soon as possible. Also, most players have done interviews which are on You Tube. Check a few of those out if you are unsure about who a player is.
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