Lancaster @ Ducks 8/6/11

Tonight was another awesome outing at Bethpage Ballpark even with the rain.

I planned on only doing the Barnstormers tonight but since my order from sportlots wasn't delivered I didn't have many cards for them to sign.

As I was walking in the ballpark I saw someone on the field running, but didn't pay attention to who. As I stood on the third base line the guy came back through the stands...I was Marty Janzen, and he signed 5/5 for me.

Usually catchers are the first one out so it was no surprise to me when Matt Tupman came out and signed 4/4 for me. A really nice guy.

Then Tommy Everidge came over and signed all 8/8 for me. However, he wanted one of the customs but he didn't have a spot to put it so I just kept it (I gave it to him after the game).

By the this point many of the players started to come on to the field and the dogout. Aaron Herr came over and signed 7/7 and took one of the customs for himself. He stayed around for a little but and signed for some little kids.

Then I called over Cesear Carillo, who signed 4/4 for me, he was great but seemed a little annoyed he had to walk over.

Brandon Jones came over and didn't sign because he need to warm up...he however did come over later and signed 2/2.

Iggy Saurez came right over and signed 2/2.

T.J. Beam was in the dugout and I asked him to come over and he signed 4/4 and was cool about it.

Ross Peeples walked by me and I had to yell to him once I noticed it was him. He told me he would come back after he went put something in the bullpen, and he did. He signed 2/2 and commented about the 2 different 2002 topps cards I had (one was a gold and was a base).

Then I saw J.D. Durbin signing for a bunch of people and I called him over. He's a really nice guy and fan friendly. He commented "you made me walk all the way over here...don't worry I'm an easy signer" and he proceeded to sign 6/6. I was talking to him and he told me where a few of the other guys I needed to get were.

As the game was getting ready to start Jonah Bayliss was walking to the bullpen and I asked him to sign but he said no because he had to get to the bullpen.

After the game was over I was informed that Fernando Seguignol's father had died and he wasn't with the team.

As I waited I found out that John Halama lives in Brooklyn and drives to the game. He walked around the collectors and I said "John, can I get an autograph please?" and he said "Hurry up, I want to get outta here, which one do you want signed" (so he signed one of my customs). Only 1/10. I was little disappointed.

Butch Hobson signed a OALB for me, and a card. He was quiet but a nice guy.

Evan Englebrook came out and signed 4/4 for me and told me that he grew 5 inches in high school and was a swimmer (he's 6'8").

Also, Jonah Bayliss came back and signed 3/3 for me and apologized for not signing earlier.

After I got the Barnstormers I ran over to get the Ducks, and I made some copies of their customs for them. I handed out a bunch to the players and some asked if I wanted to sign but I wasn't very organized since I thought I was only going to get Lancaster.

Tom Pennino was talking to me and showed me their set cards for tomorrow which are ugly. Then he walked me to the players parking lot and I gave Matt Esquivel his customs and finally met Jason Monti who signed all 19 cards for me. While I was waiting I had Matt Esquivel sign his custom York set cards.

As the rest of the players came out I gave them theirs. Matt Padgett came out and signed 3 custom York cards for me and thanked me for the cards and offered to trade me tomorrow for his team "issued" cards.

I heard Mike Loree was still in the locker room so I waited around a little bit for him, but only Ray Navarrete came out and told me they were going to be a lot longer so I have Ray his cards and left.

Still overall a great outing. I'm going to tally up the totals tonight. Also, took some great pictures for my customs sets.
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  1. Halama is no shock. I had him one on one once in Cleveland when he was with Boston and they were in town, and all I got out was "Mr. Halama, would you" before he breezed past me.

  2. Yeah, he wasn't very friendly at all. I didn't know if it was because it had been raining or what. I've heard mixed stories about him, but I was glad to get him on a custom.