Lancaster @ Ducks 8/7/11

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Today was team set giveaway so I had prepared my board for the set with 3 cards of the players I still have cards for and many empty spaces for the set cards. My game plan going in was not to go after the coaches (they will be there all year long and I'll get them at the end of the year).

I left for the stadium about an hour and half before the game and ran to Target and printed off my the custom Lancaster cards I had photographed the night before and designed that morning. I didn't have time to cut the cards and just left them on the 4x6 template.

I got the park about 30 minutes before the game was probably 20th in line. I saw a collector I met the night before and we were talking for awhile. Finally, the gate opened and walked down to behind the plate and waited to go on the field for the autograph session.

Dauner Sanchez, and Mike Parisi were in the set but were no longer with the team. I put those along with the coach card in my bag. (I accidentally put in Jaime Quinn who is the bullpen catcher and he was on the signing line and i missed him).

Finally they let us on the field and I was able to get most of the team. I handed each player a couple customs for their collections. Heath Phillips wasn't on the field signing. I didn't accidently skipped Erick Monzon who I need for my 2010 team set. I was able to get Mike Loree on my retro custom set also.

Overall, I got the following on my 2011 Ducks team set:
Bubbie Buzachero
Tom Pennino
Freddie Thon
Matt Padgett
Jason Monti
Kennard Jones
Dan Lyons
Chris McCoy
Bob Zimmerman
Ehren Wasserman
Dave Williams
Ray Navarrete
Kraig Binnick
Mike Loree (2 customs also)
Joselo Diaz (3/3 also)
Jeremy Hill (6/6 also)
Lew Ford (4/4 also)
Javier Colina (3/3 also)
Shane Youman (5/5 also)
John Rodriguez (3/3 also)
Ruddy Lugo (3/3 also)

All the players were thankful for their cards. Ruddy Lugo was poking fun at my because John Rodriguez was bragging about his cards and Lugo was wondering where his were.

50 Total Duck Autographs

Also, Matt Esquivel, Tom Pennino, and Matt Padgett were joking around with me as they signed the cards. All great guys.

After the autograph session was over I walked over to the Barnstormers side to get my customs signed. A few players like Matt Tupman had already walked out to the bullpen so I missed out on them.

The first one I saw was newly acquired 3rd basemen Travis Metcalf. He came over and signed 6/6 customs, and I told him to keep 2 but he told me to keep them.

Then Gilberto Mejia came over and signed them 4/4 and took the 2 I offered. Iggy Saurez did the same (as he was signing for me someone handed him a Wayne Lydon card to sign, and was like "That's not me! and someone in the stands yelled "I would have signed it anyways!"

Matt Watson came out but told me he had to stretch. While he was stretching Ross Peeples walked over and signed 4/4 and took 2. He asked me how I made the customs and I told him "with photoshop," and he asked where he could go to a "photoshop" (pretty funny).

Matt Watson then came back over and signed 4/4 and took 2, and so did Adam Calderone.

26 Barnstormers Autographs

The ones that weren't signed I'm going to send to Dion Soskin to get signed since they are one of his home teams. Overall it was great day and I left right after as I had to get back to Albany.

76 Total Autographs
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