Once Upon A Time...Vermont Sports Magazine

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In the winter of 2005-06 I decided to start Vermont Sports Magazine, a publication all about Vermont sports. It was a massive undertaking, and it only last about six months. Time constraints with my wife and new born daughter didn't allow me much time to travel and write.

During our run we produced one issue in PDF format which we put on our website at the time. I was a little ahead of the time with putting my material up on a website (a blog format). As I look back now, I realize with all the technology and gadgets that we have now, it could be done again. However, I now live in New York, and have two kids.

I was looking through some of my old hard drives and came across massive amounts of photos, and stories that I had wrote that no longer are available online. Over the next few months I'll be posting some of these stores, pictures, and audio clips for people to enjoy.
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