25,000 Page Views!!! Thanks To Everyone!

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"Broken Bat with Corey Mansfield" has just went over 25,000 page views. This is extremely monumental for myself, and the blog. I just wanted to thank everyone who reads my posts and supports my blogging, not only on this blog but my other ones as well.

Special thanks to:
  • Drew Pelto (@drewpelto)
  • Andrew Martin (@historianandrew)
  • Howard Kaplan (@accad1217)
  • Tom Stryjewski (@tstry208)
  • Howie Mansfield
  • Paul Buxton (@paulbux)
  • Ray Navarrate (@raydigmi)
  • Paul Hadsall (@PaulsRandomStuf)
  • Bob Bennett  
And all the rest of the people who have help me with information, and input into my blogs!
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