April 28, 2013 Pre-Game Autograph Session, Long Island Ducks, Bethpage Ballpark

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The Ducks had their first pre-game autograph sessions of the season on Sunday at Bethpage Ballpark, and it was extremely packed with fans hoping to get autographs of the 2013 Long Island Ducks.

I was able to get some pictures signed that I had taken the previous night. However, the autographs didn't come out well on the paper and matte finish from the Walmart photo machine. The sharpie was very streaky. I've decided that the rest of the season I'm going to do custom retro 1985 Topps retro cards in gloss for the Walgreen printers. The cards look more appealing in my collection, and signatures come out better

Ben Broussard autograph, very streaky from Walmart matte paper.
All the players on Sunday were pretty cool about signing the pictures, and I was able to get cards signed I didn't get signed on Friday night. Eric Niesen did 3/3, Ray Navarrete did 2/2, Rian Kiniry did 1/1, and Jesse Barfield did 2/3. What was interesting about Barfield was that he only signed 2 of mine, but signed 4/4 for the guy before me, and 3/3 for the guy after me?

As the autograph session ended I still didn't have the coaches, but I figured I could get them later in the season, so I went over to get my OMLB signed by Dontrelle Willis. An usher told me his line was closed, so I walked off the field and over to Dontrelle through the stands. Dontrelle signed my ball but seemed a little overwhelmed and annoyed with all the people asking for his autograph. I don't think he anticipated that many people and that many autograph requests. I guess you can't blame the guy.

After Dontrelle signed my ball, the public address announcer announced that Bud Harrelson would be signing autographs after the first pitch on the concourse. So I went over with Tom Stryjewski and got a Long Island Ducks baseball signed. Bud always does a nice job signing balls, but you can tell his hand was getting tired.

I didn't get my four Billy Murphy cards signed, as Billy was the starting pitcher and did not come out for the autograph signing. I gave the cards to Howie Kaplan, to see if he can get them signed at a later date.

Overall the first pre-game autograph session was successful considering the amount of people on the field.
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