Card Shop Trip, April 20, 2013, Finnigan's Sports Cards & Matt's Baseball Cards

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Today is my birthday so I treated myself to going to the baseball card store and looking for some cards to add to my collection. Recently, I've been avoiding by packs because of the excess cards I have left over. So I was looking to by loose cards I could add to my collection.

I headed to Finnigan's Sports Cards in Albany, NY to see what they had. What's great about Finnigan's is that the owner Jeff Finnigan doesn't over value his cards, and always works with customers. I picked through a few boxes of baseball cards and came across some New York Mets, Vlad Guerrero, Cal Ripken Jr, and a few other cards. I also found some hockey cards. I ended up with 20 cards for $1. After walking around the store for a little while I noticed some 2012 inserts I didn't have of Lou Gehrig and Jackie Robinson, so I added them to my stack. As Jeff talked to me about collecting I noticed some 2013 Topps stacked on the side. I picked through them and found 6 Adam Greenberg rookies. Greenberg is a former Atlantic League veteran who made it back to the major leagues last season for "One at-bat." He's currently back in the Atlantic League with the Bridgeport Bluefish. I also found some players I collect like Pujols, Stanton, Longoria, Posey, Mauer and a Jurickson Profar rookie. Total cost - $6

After I left Finnigan's I stopped by Matt's Baseball Cards in Watervliet, NY to pick up a puck holder for one of my autographed pucks. When I walked through the door there were two pallets with 5,000 count card boxes on them. The guy working there told me it was 1 cent per card with  minimum of $5.00 purchase for the cards on the pallets. I didn't know where to start, so I just dove in.

The first thing I came across was 60 - 1981 Topps Bud Harrelson cards. I decided to pick them up not for my collection but to give the to the Long Island Ducks. Bud is a part owner and I figured they could give them away to fans. A few minutes into digging a guy came over to me with two boxes of hockey cards. I picked through the boxes and here's what I found:

- 300 goalie cards
- 14 Patrick Roy
- 5 Wayne Gretzky
- 7 Mario Lemieux
- 7 John LeClair cards
- Over 150 semi-stars including Modano, Sakic, Bourque, and Yzerman.

I continued to pick through more boxes and found the following

- 25 1985 Topps New York Mets
- 25 New York Islanders cards
- 3 Vlad Guerrero
- 8 current Long Island Ducks MLB cards including Snell, Castro, Barfield, Houser, Willis
- 1981 Topps Sparky Lyle

Plus I ended up getting my puck holders.  Total cost - $8

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