Flipping Your Trade To Build Your Collection, Martin St. Louis Jersey Cards

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The art of the trade is a dying form of trying to build your personal sports memorabilia collection. Sports cards are so astronomically priced and it's a crap shoot if you are actually going to get something good. I can't justify buying a $300 box of cards to try and add to my collection.

Over the years I've built some great relationships with collectors all over the country who have helped build my collection. Last summer, I met up with new trade partner. I traded him some Florida Marlins baseball cards, and other Marlins stuff, while I got back a box that contained Mets, Jets, Islanders and goalie cards. Also included were a 1940 baseball schedule (which I ended up selling for $156.00 on eBay), and a 1938 Rutland Royals Schedule. I had no real need for this piece in my collection, and was actually going to throw it away. I ended up selling it on eBay for $24.99.

After I got paid for the schedule I started looking around on eBay for some things I could spent the $24.99 on to add to my collection. I found a person who selling a few different Martin St. Louis game used jersey cards. I emailed him and asked him if he had any more to go with the other three and he said he did. I agreed to pay him $20 for seven different Martin St. Louis jersey cards.

Today I got the cards in the mail!

Moral of the story, always consider trades even if the stuff looks like trash.

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