Free Cards And A Trade

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A few weeks ago Drew Pelto from The Texas Graphing Chronicles, messaged me and told me about free baseball cards another collector was offering during a "spring cleaning," and if I wanted to get some I should check out his site.

I went the site, which is run by collector Matt Perry. Matt was offering free cards, mailed to you for free, for simply filling out an online form. He listed all the teams he available. However, the Mets were already taken, so I decided to jump in on Miami Marlins as there was some decent players on those teams, and I know a few collectors who are Miami fans.

I also noticed on his site that Matt was trying to trade an Ian Snell jersey card. Snell was recently signed by the Long Island Ducks, and it would be a nice piece to get autographed in few weeks when I see the Ducks. After a few emails, Matt and I agreed to trade the Snell card for an autographed Reggie Lemelin hockey card.

I received cards today, and it was a great surprise. Matt didn't hold back, and included the following

Josh Johnson - 15 cards
Hanley Ramirez - 20 cards
Jose Reyes - 10 cards
Gaincarlo Stanton - 18 cards

These card were not cheap low end cards, but high end cards including Topps Lineage, Topps Gypsy Quenn, Topps Chrome, and Bowman Platinum to name a few. Overall there was 200 cards!

All the cards I received from (Matt Perry) today!

Also included were three Dontrelle Willis cards, that I can also get autographed in a few weeks.

Dontrelle Willis cards, and Ian Snell jersey card

 This was an awesome trade, as well great networking with another collector!

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