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In 2006, I had the brainy idea of doing something I thought was monumental, which was to put together a Vermont high school preview, featuring all 32 teams in the state of Vermont. To my knowledge nothing like this had ever been done before.

Four months prior I had become a new dad, and was searching for another way of generating income for myself and my small family. I thought by starting Vermont Sports Magazine would do that.

A picture of my kids on their last day of school in 2014
Armed with coffee, and the a compact disc by the band Breaking Benjamin I journeyed across the state of Vermont interviewing coach after coach, and player after player. I took pictures, wrote articles, and edited the content, with very little outside help.  The original idea was to have the issue printed, but soon the cost became to expensive to do. Eventually I settled on the idea of having the issue on my website as a PDF file for fans to view free.

U-32 and Otter Valley football game in 2006 (Photo Credit: Corey Mansfield)
The preview was viewed by many people in and around the state of Vermont. I was receiving hundreds of hits on my website daily and soon I found myself trying to make it to all the sporting events I could and covering all the teams across the state. However, the cost and time to keep up with demand was too great. So I put Vermont Sports Magazine on the back burner and moved to Long Island, NY.

After a brief stay on Long Island, I accepted a job in Albany, NY and moved my family to the capital region. Over the next couple years my passion for reporting sports grew. I began talking to people are sporting events and people suggested I start a blog.

Originally, I started a blog called LI Ducks Blog which covered the Long Island Ducks an independent baseball team in the Atlantic League. Eventually the blog morphed into the ATL Blog, covering the entire league. However, this became too much to cover like Vermont Sports Magazine. It was virtually impossible to cover. When I stopped posting articles on ATL Blog it was receiving over 600 unique page views a day.

Long Island Ducks' pitcher John Brownell in 2013 (Photo Credit: Corey Mansfield)

I decided to concentrate on my personal blog which at the time had no name. After spit balling I decided to call the blog, "Broken Bat with Corey Mansfield." The name has no real meaning, it's just unique and different. Also, the name didn't lend itself to one team or league and allowed me to blog on various leagues, teams, sports, and topics.

I started to attend games in and around the state of New York, taking pictures and doing various features. Soon my pictures and story ideas were popping up on websites, and other blogs and media outlets.  However, I wasn't being given credit for my work. Not only that I was generating any income to cover the costs of paying for gas to travel from different venues.

Mark Appel pitching for the Tri-City ValleyCats in 2013 (Photo Credit: Corey Mansfield)
It's important for people who read blogs to realize that in most cases bloggers don't make money by blogging and pay out of pocket for travel expenses to cover events. Many bloggers place advertisement on their blogs which generate a small amount of income only if the ad is clicked on. No money is generated unless an ad is clicked on.

Previously, I've tried to keep my images clean of watermarks so they had the highest quality. A select few teams and leagues have the right to use my images. However, people abused this privilege and started taking my images and using them for their own profit, while not giving me credit for taking the photo. Recently, I have started to watermark all my images.

My blog generates over 12,000 unique page views a month, or 380 views a day. I enjoy blogging and bringing people news and my experiences about different teams, venues, and sports, but the cost is getting higher to keep it up. It's important that you not only support my blog but other blogs on the internet. Blogs offer a unique a unbiased prospective into sports and it's something special.

No blogger is getting rich of blogging, however it's important we cover the cost of our expenses.

Please help bloggers by clicking on their advertisements, re-tweeting their tweets, and sharing their posts on Facebook.

You can donate to Broken Bat with Corey Mansfield by clicking on the link below, thanks.

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