Bernie Williams Autograph Signing, Glenmont, NY - Walmart, August 1, 2014

Today I went to an autograph signing for former New York Yankee Bernie Williams at Walmart in Glenmont, NY. The event was sponsored by Pepsi and was helping to raise money for the Children's Miracle Network.

Bernie Williams signing autographs for fans (Photo Credit: Corey Mansfield)
Prior to today their wasn't much information on the internet about this event. All that I knew was he was signing autographs from 1pm until 2pm, and prior to that he would be doing an event for the Children's Miracle Network. It wasn't clear what Bernie would signing or if it would cost anything. I took my chances and brought an official major league baseball hoping the event would be free.

I arrived at the store at about 11:45pm and asked the manager what the details of the signing were. He told me that Bernie would be signing 250 photographs but I he wasn't sure if he would be signing other items. At this point there was already couple hundred people in line which snaked throughout the diaper and baby aisles at the store.

Most people in line were unsure about the event and brought their own items to get signed. People had pictures, balls, and one guy even had a parking sign from Heritage Park in Colonie (no longer there) where Bernie once played.

As the line moved a long a snail's pace, I noticed guy talking sports behind me and some of the thing sounded familiar. I turned around and asked him what he was looking at, and wouldn't you know was this blog! Pretty cool to see some readers out there.

While we waited in line vendors came around handing out snacks and drinks. Even Chester Cheeteh and the Cheerio Bee were there to hand out some stuff.

After about two hours the line shortened where we could see Bernie. As we approached the front of the line we were told that he wouldn't not be signing any sports memorabilia and only the provided photos. Many people were disappointed but in my mind it was better than nothing. However, I was worried he would run out of pictures by the time I got up there. My friend Ryan and his father were about thirty people a head of me and texted to let me know that there was more than enough photos to go around.

At this point it was 2pm, and the scheduled time for Bernie to leave. However, he didn't leave and continued to sign.
Eventually, I got the front of the line. While I was waiting I started a conversation with a couple of high school students who were a head me. Another guy behind me started to talk to us to. During the whole time we were in line the guy behind us was creeping up, trying to get ahead of us. Before we knew it he had cut a head of us and was talking to Bernie. I'm not completely sure how that happened. It didn't matter because everyone got an autograph but it was still rude

Finally it was my turn. I walked up to Bernie and thanked him for his time, shook his hand, and away I went.

Here's the autograph:

The picture was actually pretty nice and had a MLB License hologram with only a small Pepsi logo.

Overall, it was a pretty nice autograph signing. I would say their was at least 400 people there and Walmart did a great job putting the event together. I'm just glad Bernie stuck around to make sure everyone got an autograph. Class act.

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