College Football Playoff...Who I Think Is In

Well it's all come down to this. In a couple hours the top college football teams will know their fates.

It's a forgone conclusion that Alabama and Oregon will be the top seeds with their dominating performances over the weekend, with each winning their conference titles.

However, four teams hopes teeter on the discussion between the college football playoff committee.

In my opinion here's who gets in...


#3 Ohio State - I wrote this team off a couple weeks ago, and with even more adversity added with the death of Kosta Karageorge and the loss of T.J. Barrett for the season, it would be interesting to see how this team responded. 59-0 over Wisconsin is how they responded. This past week I told someone the only way that THE Ohio State gets in is if they beat Wisconsin 80-0. Well 59-0 is pretty damn close. Ohio State's only loss was earlier in the season. At this point they are a top 4 team.

#4 Florida State - The Seminoles haven't lost in over two years, while this year has been a struggle they still haven't lost a game. How can you not have an undefeated team from a major conference in the final four.


#5 Baylor & #6 TCU
Baylor and TCU are good teams but I think OSU leaped them both. Yes, TCU won 55-3. But it was over a pathetic Iowa State team, while Baylor squeeked by Kansas State. Many people have linked these all season because of their strength of schedule and "Win-Loss" strength. However, the fact that the Big XII doesn't play a conference championship game hurts them. Earlier in the season Baylor beat TCU in nail biter. In my mind that was the Big XII championship. Therefore, Baylor is the true champ. But it still doesn't make Baylor better than Ohio State. Baylor and TCU had great runs but it ends here.

Here's who I got going:
#1 - Alabama
#2 - Oregon

#3 - Ohio State
#4 - Florida State

Those would make some pretty compelling match-ups. Jimbo vs. Saban, and what would have been a Rose Bowl match-up in Oregon vs. OSU.

It should be a fun time for college football. 

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