The PGCBL will look different this summer with the addition of teams in Saugerties, NY and Victor, NY. The Watertown Rams and Cooperstown Hawkeyes will no longer be a part of the league. 

The team in Saugerties, NY will be known as the Sauagerties Stallions while the team in Victor has yet to announce a team name.

It was also announced this past fall that the Glen Falls Golden Eagles will be now known as the Dragons.

The addition of the three new teams to the league is a sort of re-branding for a league which has risen in the ranks of the best summer collegiate summer leagues in the country.

It's also important to note that new teams will have geographic rivals with Victor, NY being located 30 minutes from Newark, NY home of the Newark Pilots. While both Saugerties, NY and Glens Falls, NY are located 45 minutes from Albany, NY home of the Albany Dutchmen.

The new teams shrink the geographic size of the league which will lower travel costs for fans and increase attendance in the league.

The excitement of new teams will also attract better college players from across the country making the quality of baseball better.  
I remember having a BMX bike as a kid. It was used more for transportation to get to the local drug store to buy baseball cards or soda on the way to play pick up game of baseball. The only tricks I ever did on my bike was jumping on top of sidewalk curbs in between streets.

When I grew up in the 1980's and early 1990's there was no social media, no YouTube, and no X-Games. Your exposure to sports like BMX and skateboarding was in homemade videos. Every once in a while you'd have a friend who get his hands on one and you'd get to see some crazy tricks. While I was never into sports like BMX riding or skateboarding, I always admired what they did.

Recently, I got to meet BMX Legend Kevin Robinson (KRob) and hear him give a motivational speech about not only his career but his life in BMX. It was pretty amazing to see how much athleticism goes into BMX riding. These athletes train hard for years to perfect tricks, and punish their bodies every time they fall.

However, in the end it's worth it when the pull off some amazing tricks that leave you in awe.

Here are some amazing tricks that KRob pulled off during his career.

These tricks are just crazy. 


The New York Jets are in the beginning stages of overhauling an organization which has been the laughing stock of the NFL on and off the field for the better part of a decade.

New GM, Mike Maccagnan has his work cut out for him, but has already made a few changes that could pay huge dividends. The team parted ways with senior director of college scouting Terry Bradway and director of college scouting Jeff Bauer on Friday. The two were responsible for some horrendous drafts and missing judging college talent. It seems that Maccagnan, a former scout will take a hands on approach in evaluating talent. What makes the situation even better for the Jets is that Maccagnan should already have a leg up on evaluating the talent for this years draft since it was his previous job.

The Jets hold the #6 spot in the 2015 Draft. A spot that won't allow them to get either Jameis Winston or Marcus Maroita. The Jets will need to fill other voids with their top pick (probably Amari Cooper) and wait to take quarterback Bryce Petty out of Baylor University in a later round.

Maccagnan spent the last fifteen with the Houston Texans, so it's inevitable he's seen Bryce Petty play over the last few years at Baylor.

Petty's stock has risen over the last month after he completed 36 of 51 passes (70.6%) for 550 yards and three touchdowns (he ran for another) in the Cotton Bowl. Baylor ended up losing the game to Michigan State but it wasn't because of Petty who kept on playing a high level, keeping his team in the game.

Petty is a drop back pure passer who can make plays with his feet when he needs to. What impressed me the most about him was his accuracy. He was able to fit the ball into tight coverage and always lead his receivers to the ball, hitting them in stride.

(Source: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images North America)
Petty would fit well in the Jets offense under new offensive coordinator Chan Gailey. While the Jets were bad in 2014, their roster isn't terrible. The Jets have some weapons at receiver to work with in Eric Decker, Percy Harvin, Jeremy Kerley and Jace Amaro. Add Amari Cooper into the equation (who I full expect to take with their #1 pick) and the Jets have a solid nucleus of receivers for a young QB.

In the past under the old regime the Jets would have do something stupid like trade up to get one of the bigger name quarterback's in the draft and over look other position needs.

Hopefully Maccagnan and his staff get "Petty."
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