BMX, Craziness On A Little Kids Bike

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I remember having a BMX bike as a kid. It was used more for transportation to get to the local drug store to buy baseball cards or soda on the way to play pick up game of baseball. The only tricks I ever did on my bike was jumping on top of sidewalk curbs in between streets.

When I grew up in the 1980's and early 1990's there was no social media, no YouTube, and no X-Games. Your exposure to sports like BMX and skateboarding was in homemade videos. Every once in a while you'd have a friend who get his hands on one and you'd get to see some crazy tricks. While I was never into sports like BMX riding or skateboarding, I always admired what they did.

Recently, I got to meet BMX Legend Kevin Robinson (KRob) and hear him give a motivational speech about not only his career but his life in BMX. It was pretty amazing to see how much athleticism goes into BMX riding. These athletes train hard for years to perfect tricks, and punish their bodies every time they fall.

However, in the end it's worth it when the pull off some amazing tricks that leave you in awe.

Here are some amazing tricks that KRob pulled off during his career.

These tricks are just crazy. 


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