My First UAlbany Basketball Game, February 2, 2015, SEFCU Arena

I've lived outside Albany, NY for the better part of seven years but have never gone to a basketball game at The University of Albany. I finally got a chance to go this past weekend when I watched the Great Danes take on my alma mater, Vermont. I'm not a huge college basketball guy so I really didn't know what to expect going to this game. I was going to keep an open mind and just watch the game.

Prior to all my visits to new venues I try and find out how much parking is so I have the appropriate amount of cash. I searched all over the internet for parking prices but I came up empty. Finally I just decided to wing it. I mean how much is parking at a college basketball game $5...$3...Free?

It's pretty easy to get to UAlbany from where I live. The campus is located off Interstate 90 and once you're on campus it's easy to find SEFCU Arena. As I approached the parking lot I noticed numerous cars pulling U-turns choosing not to park in the parking area. I rolled down my window and asked the parking attendant "How much?" he replied "$7." My mouth nearly hit the ground. Seriously, $7 to park at a college basketball game?  I asked the attendant if there was other parking and he said there was but it was on the other side of the arena and you'd have to walk a little ways. I had just finished a long work week so I wasn't in the mood to "walk a little ways" so I just paid the $7 and parked. This was a huge mistake because come to find out I had to walk around the arena anyways which was probably the same distance I would have had to walk from free parking.

After meeting up with a friend I entered the arena. SEFCU Arena isn't as nice or as big as some of the major college venues but it fits UAlbany well. Because of it's small size fans are closer to the action. I can honestly say there isn't a bad seat in the arena.

Here's a picture of the view from my seats:

UAlbany pre-game festivities (Photo Credit: Corey Mansfield
This game was extra special for me because of was watching my alma mater, the University of Vermont. I thought for sure the arena would be sold out since Burlington, VT is only a couple hours from Albany and the fact that Albany and Vermont are rivals. However, to my surprise the game wasn't a sell out (most likely because UAlbany had already clinched the #1 seed for the America East tournament).

I won't bother my readers with the details of the game. UAlbany won 79-73.

Overall, I enjoyed the game. The UAlbany athletics department puts on a great show with games and promos during TV time outs.

Concessions were very limited as there was no hot dogs or bottled soft drinks left during the halftime intermission.  I settled on a pretzel and a bottled water which ran me $7.

I recommend hitting up a UAlbany basketball game if you're in town.  Just make sure to park off site and walk over.

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