Thomas Eshelman Drafted By Astros, Could Be Headed To ValleyCats

by Corey Mansfield

I was watching the College World Series on ESPN  this past weekend when they had an interview with Cal State Fullerton pitcher Thomas Eshelman. I was extremely impressed with the young pitcher as he talked about the college world series and the upcoming draft. In my mind I thought "Wow! It would be great if the Astros drafted him so I could watch him pitch this summer (with the Tri-City ValleyCats)." Eshelman just seemed like a great kid and someone who you'd want to root for.

Thomas Eshelman pitching for Cal State Fullerton (photo credit: Cal State Fullerton Athletics, link)
It wasn't a total surprise to me that he was drafted in second round with the 46th overall pick a few days later. What did surprise me was that he was drafted by Houston Astros and now their is very distinct possibility he'll start his professional career in Troy, NY with the Tri-City ValleyCats.

Here's an article from SB Nation about Eshelman, including a video of him pitching.

This would be a great addition to the ValleyCats roster and a great opportunity for fans to see a potential major league player in the making.

You can follow Thomas Eshelman on Twitter @ThomasEshelman1

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