Coffee And Donuts, Martin St. Louis

Martin St. Louis (photo credit: link)
by Corey Mansfield

Martin St. Louis announced his retirement from the NHL yesterday, after an unexpected, sensational career. Many articles have been written about the desire and grittiness that St. Louis played his career with  This post isn't one of those, but a different a story.

It was the end of the 1995-96 ECAC season and the Vermont Catamounts were on the brink of clinching their first ever ECAC regular season championship with a win over Harvard. Like many games during that season tickets were hard to come by. Fans had to get up early or camp over night outside Gutterson Fieldhouse to wait for the ticket office to open to get tickets. I was one of those fans.

If you've ever been to Burlington, Vermont or Vermont in general you know how cold but fickle late winter early spring weather can be. As fans bundled up and eagerly awaited the opening of the ticket office, two unexpected people showed up.

Martin St. Louis and Eric Perrin walked up to the crowd and handed the fans coffee and a couple boxes of donuts as they made their way to their morning skate. Both players thanked the fans for their loyalty before leaving for practice.

Most Vermont fans know the rest of the history of St. Louis and Perrin at UVM.

Eventually, St. Louis and Perrin went on to win a Stanley Cup with the Tampa Bay Lightning in 2004.

St. Louis went on to  have a sensational career, winning many awards and producing many memories for his fans. Eventually, one day he'll be voted into the hockey hall of fame.

However, in my mind none of those moments can't compare to that night he brought "coffee and donuts."

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