R.I.P. Loudoun Hounds

by Corey Mansfield

This may be old, but in the chaotic world of independant baseball the Loudoun Hounds have closed up shop even before they started play.

For years, it was reported that a stadium was going to be build in Loudoun County, Virginia which was going to be the home of the Loudoun Hounds who were scheduled to play in the independent Atlantic League. The organization was out promoting the team and fans were excited about the possibility of having a new team/venue to visit. However, financial woes forced the team to cease operations. On the teams Wikipedia page it stated "the Loudoun Hounds have closed their offices and disconnected their phones." Also, the teams web address is no longer being used.

It's a shame that this happened but the organization didn't have enough funding to get a stadium built and without a stadium...well you can't play the baseball. The Atlantic League has since moved on adding the New Britain Bees in Connecticut to their league. The Bees already had a stadium in New Britain which was vacant after the New Britain Rock Cats relocated to Hartford. 

Here's one of the articles about the downfall of the Hounds.

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