2016 MLB Predictions

by Corey Mansfield

The New York Mets surprised the baseball world last year making it to the World Series before losing to the Kansas City Royals. Is there a surprise team this year?

Can Matt Harvey lead the Mets to the World Series again? (Photo Credit: Corey Mansfield)

*Divison Winner
* Wild Card 
AL East
1. Toronto Blue Jays  - Too much power and will feast on mediocre AL East pitching.
2. Boston Red Sox - Questionable starting pitching outside of Price but has some young talent.
3. Baltimore Orioles - Young and hungry. Manny Machado could be an MVP candidate. 
4. New York Yankees - Bullpen will shorten games but will be overtaxed and get worn out.
5. Tampa Bay Rays - Added some pieces but it's still not enough in a tough division

AL Central
1. Detroit Tigers - A team ready to take the next step. Upton will have a huge year.
2. Kansas City Royals - Had some key subtractions but are still the defending world champs.
3. Minnesota Twins - Some nice young prospects who can set the table. But no RBI guys. 
4. Cleveland Indians - If young pitching stays healthy they should be in a lot of games.
5. Chicago White Sox - Clubhouse problems spill over to field. Not good.

AL West
1. Houston Astros - Young. Talented. Solid. No question, division champs.
2. Seattle Mariners - Young pitching will come around and surprise a lot of people. 
3. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim -  Andrelton Simmons was a steal. Team will be better.
4. Texas Rangers - Not much pitching, will have to score a bunch of runs every night.
5. Oakland A's - How's moneyball working?

NL East
1. New York Mets - Best pitching staff in baseball (history). Bullpen still big question.
2. Miami Marlins - Don Mattingly and a healthy team will win the wild card.
3. Washington Nationals - Still overrated. Baker will improve team.
4. Philadelphia Phillies - Some nice young players but still need to grow.
5. Atlanta Braves - Still rebuilding.

NL Central
1. St. Louis Cardinals - Stephen Piscotty will have a huge year and pitching will be healthy.
2. Chicago Cubs - Young and talented but new editions won't blend well. Maddon is too cutesy.
3. Pittsburgh Pirates - Always the bridesmaid never the bride. Same story different year.
4. Cincinnati Reds - Joey Votto can't do everything. Team will continue to struggle. 
4. Milwaukee Brewers - A lot of outcast players. Not sure what their management is doing.

NL West
1. San Fransisco Giants - Solid team. Great pitching. Bullpen will be the best in the game.
2. Arizona Diamondbacks - Interesting team. Some good young pitching and an MVP candidate.
3. Colorado Rockies - This team has some serious pop but no pitching.
4. Los Angeles Dodgers - Huge step back. Starting pitching outside Kershaw is a big question.
5. San Diego Padres - Some bad moves last year will linger in 2016.

National League Championship
New York Mets Vs. St. Louis Cardinals

American League Championship
Houston Astros Vs. Toronto Blue Jays

World Series
New York Mets Vs. Houston Astros

World Champions
New York Mets 

AL Cy Young - Jordan Zimmermann
AL MVP - Carlos Correa
AL Manager of the Year - A.J. Hinch
AL Rookie of the Year - Byron Buxton

NL Cy Young - Noah Syndergaard
NL MVP - Paul Goldschmidt
NL Manager of the Year - Don Mattingly
AL Rookie of the Year - Steven Matz

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