Sports Caricature T-Shirts Brings Back Memories!

by Corey Mansfield

The other day I was laying on bed trying to decide what to wear for the day. Normally in the spring my go-to are shorts and graphic tee. I realized that my limited t-shirt options were shrinking and I started reminiscing about a time when I had a Doc Gooden caricature t-shirt. Back in the late 1980's and early 1990's many kids were wearing t-shirts that had cartoons with oversized heads of their favorite sports heroes. I decided to see if there was any available on eBay when I discovered they were selling new ones with the old designs at! Not only that but they had the exact same Doc Gooden shirt I had plus many others I remembered as a kid. They are reasonably priced at $18 per t-shirt with  $4.95 shipping. However, there is more. Now you can get the styles printed on different style t-shirts as well as hoodies ($39.99). Pretty awesome!

Here's a few of the shirts I had a as a kid that are available!

Doc Gooden T-shirt!
Dream Team!

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