Is David Wright's Career Over?

by Corey Mansfield

David Wright has been great player for the New York Mets for over a decade but recent injuries including spinal stenosis has had him watching more than playing. Is Wright's career over?

The only player more loved in Mets history than Wright is Tom Seaver. No one is ever going to debate what Wright has done for the Mets as player or what he continues to do for the organization as an ambassador. However, he's become liability to the organization on the field.

Wright hasn't been the same player since he missed almost all of last season recovering from injuries. In 38 games in 2015 he batted .289 with 5 home runs and 17 RBI. This season he's already played in 37 games with 15 less at-bats and he's only hitting .226 with 7 home runs and 14 RBI. His power numbers are up but so are his strikeouts with 55. At times he just can't catch up to the fastball which could be caused by his spinal stenosis.

During the last three years Wright has had the worst three oWAR (offensive wins above replacement) seasons in his career including 0.7 this season.  

Defensively, he's been making some outstanding plays in the field but routine plays have been the issue. He's only committed 8 total errors over the last two years but in limited time. However his dWar (defensive wins above replacement) is a dismal -0.8.

Overall Wright's WAR is -0.1 in 2016, which means that average third baseman in the league would be more productive then him.

As the trading deadlines gets closer would the Mets trade for a third baseman to help their chances of winning the division? I think they should especially if they can get a solid hitter who could slot into the lower part of the order moving Asdrubal Caberera to the number two slot where he can be more productive.

As much as all Mets fans want to see David Wright win a championship and eventually ride off into the sunset sometimes it doesn't happen. Look at Don Mattingly who like Wright had spinal stenosis. He retired in 1995 and the next year the Yankees won the World Series. Baseball can be great but at the same time it's a business and can be cruel.

Wright is only thirty-three years old and his signed through 2020 so I highly doubt he'll walk away given all the money on the table. However, the Mets will need to make a decision on him. If he can't stay healthy and be productive then they need to move on.

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