Goodbye, Alex Rodriguez...

I'm not a New York Yankee fan. I'm not an Alex Rodriguez fan. I'm a baseball fan.

Many people will forever criticize him for the mistakes that he made off the field and rightfully so. However, you can't deny the talent that he was. He was one the greats regardless of what anyone says. It's easy for fans to sit back and talk the talk but Rodriguez walked the walk.

Alex Rodriguez before a game at Camden Yards (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)
He was only nineteen years old when he came to the major leagues. He was a kid. Do you remember where you were when you were nineteen? You were easily influenced by the good people and bad people. Many of those influenced who you became years later.

Rodriguez was given so much at a young age but he still had to earn it. He still had to come to the ballpark every day. He still had to walk into the batters box. He still had a swing the bat. He swung 696 times and hit a home run, fourth all-time.

Yes, Rodriguez made mistakes but he still showed up every day to play the game.

Baseball is a game of numbers. So I'll leave you with these numbers...

.295 batting average, 696 home runs, and 2086 RBI


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