Vermont Bucks Football Brings New Era To Vermont Sports Scene

by Corey Mansfield

Vermont Bucks logo via their team website
The Vermont Bucks will bring professional football to the Green Mountain state this spring. The Bucks will be a part of the newly formed Can-Am Indoor Football League after their initial league, the American Indoor Football League folded last month.

Overall, I think it's a great idea. However, I have my reservations. Most professional sports teams at this level struggle to succeed and ultimately fail and fold within only a few years. The Bucks need to embrace sustainability and understand that building a solid fan base should be one of their top priorities.

The Bucks and most indoor football teams can viewed as "minor league football" as the major leagues would be the NFL. Like most "minor league" teams they will need to bring fans through the gates through various promotions and spark interest through innovation and affordability.

I've always felt one of the biggest parts of a new organization is their logo and branding. A great logo can spark interest and that alone can sell tickets. I'm not crazy about the Bucks logo, as a matter of fact I don't like it all. It looks rushed and too similar to the Fairfield University logo. I think a better logo would have been a different take on "Buck" and eliminating the "Vermont." Maybe the team could adopt an alternate logo with a shield design similar to this logo but with a buck, a football, and the Green Mountains and Lake Champlain in the background.

Former UVM running back, Bobby Mitchell (UVM archives)
Many young fans in Champlain Valley area know nothing about the history of the University of Vermont football program (Yes! At one point UVM had a football program but eventually folded in 1974).  I think it's important for the Bucks to embrace the roots of football in Vermont especially since they will be playing their home games on the campus of The University of Vermont. A few cool promotions they could do would be inviting some former UVM football players back and doing a bobblehead giveaway of the one greatest players in UVM history, Bobby Mitchell.

The Bucks need to have a great mascot. The Vermont Lake Monsters have one of the best in the business and many kids show up to games just to get an autograph or a photo with Champ. 

As of right now we don't know how much tickets will cost for the Bucks. Will there be a cost to park? All of this plays into the mind of the consumer when are deciding weather to buy tickets. If you are too cheap you can't keep the organization running and if you are too expensive then people won't go. As a consumer and a father of two, I wouldn't spend more than $15 for an adult ticket and $10 for a child for a football game of this level. That means for a family of four you'd paying $50 for game, assuming there is no cost for parking.

These are just a few suggestions I have but that's just me. I'm not in charge. There is still a lot to be determined about the Vermont Bucks. Hopefully everything comes together for them and the have long period of success and sustainability in Vermont.

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