Why The Mets Lost The NL Wild Card Game...

by Corey Mansfield 

The New York Mets season ended Wednesday night with a crushing defeat to the San Fransisco Giants in the National League Wild Card game.

Curtis Granderson (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)

There were some very questionable decisions made by Mets manager Terry Collins  in the game.
The first was in the bottom of the 5th inning when TJ Rivera led off with a double (the first hit off Madison Bumgarner). Collins elected to have Jay Bruce swing away instead of sacrificing (bunt) Rivera to third. Since runs were going to be at a premium this would have have put a runner on third base with two cracks at driving the run in. Instead Bruce didn't advance the runner and nothing materialized.  Some would say that Jay Bruce is a power hitter and shouldn't be bunting because of his intentional to hit a home run. However, Bruce is hitting below .200 in his career versus Bumgarner.

The second and I think most devastating mistake was Terry Collins not intentionally walking Conor Gillaspie in the top of the ninth inning. Bruce Bouchy had already put a pinch hitter on-deck for Bumgarner.  If Collins would have walked Gillaspie then the Mets would have gotten a chance to face the Giants very shaky bullpen with Bumgarner out the game. However, Collins decided to pitch to Gillaspie who then hit a three-run dinger giving the Giants a commanding lead. It also allowed Bumgarner to stay in the game and he eventually sat down the Mets 1-2-3 in the bottom of the 9th inning. Even if the Mets walked Gillaspie and the Giants sent up Bumgarner instead of the pinch hitter, then you are facing a pitcher not a seasoned hitter.

Ultimately, the players still play the game. But I felt Terry Collins did a poor job managing the game which led to the loss.

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