Venue Review: Army Hockey, Tate Rink at Holleder Center, West Point, NY

by Corey Mansfield 

I preface this post with my undying gratitude for the men and women who serve our country every day. These people unselfishly sacrifice their lives for our freedoms. The students at the United States Military Academy are some of the best student-athletes in the country and have chosen to serve their country. They are true role models and the future leaders of America. 

Thank you. 

This past weekend I got a chance to head down to the United State Military Academy and watch the Army Black Knights take on Brown University at Tate Rink. 

Tate Rink at West Point (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)
I've always wanted to attend a game at West Point but never got around to it. A couple weeks ago I decided to make the journey down to watch a game. I contacted Ally Keirn who is the athletic communication director for the men's hockey program about getting media credentials for the game. She emailed me back and let me know that I would have media credentials and she even offered to give me a tour of the facility. This was pretty awesome! 

Like always, I left a little earlier to go to the game because I have a tendency to get lost when I go to a new venue. Make sure if you are using a GPS that you put in the address for the Holleder Center and use the Stoney Lonesome Access Road (Some GPS apps will direct you to the military entrance on the other side of campus if you put Tate Rink). 

The drive down was pretty easy as you can see from the map below. One of the cool parts of the trip is going over Bear Mountain which gives you an incredible view of the Hudson River snaking through the mountains with U.S. Military Academy in the valley below. 

A view of the field from Google (photo credit: Google)

Once you get to the entrance of West Point you'll go through two check points and be required to show your ID to get on to get on campus. 

The Holleder Center is located right behind the Miche Stadium. There was parking around the Holleder Center but most people parked on the road between the two (it gave me a chance to practice my parallel parking). 

After parking my car I noticed a big marble stone engraved with an "A" in front of the Holleder Center. On the back of it was an interesting quote from General Douglas MacArthur. 

The marble stone in front of the Holleder Center (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)
On of the back side of the marble read the following quote from General Douglas MacAruther (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)
The Holleder Center is home of the schools hockey arena, Tate Rink and basketball arena, Christl Arena. It was named in honor of Maj. Donald W. Holleder ('56) who was killed in action in Vietnam in 1967. Holleder was an All-American football and basketball player while at West Point. There is trophy case inside the arena dedicated to Maj. Holleder which has many artifacts from his life and athletic career. 

The Holleder Center (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)
Upon entering the Holleder Center you'll see the ticket office immediately in front of you, with athletic offices, and the entrances to both the rink and basketball court. There are also stairs which lead you up to concourse level of the Holleder Center. 

Ticket prices to Army hockey games vary depending on whether you want to sit in a chairback or bleacher seat and who the opponent is. Most of the tickets range between $9-$20, which is what most college teams charge. You can click on the following link to see the tickets pricing. 

The entrance to Tate Rink  

There are a couple ways to enter Tate Rink. You can enter through main entrance pictured above or through the concourse level. One of the great features about Tate Rink is that the concourse level wraps around all the seating areas and gives you easy access to get concessions or to use the bathroom. 

Another great feature about the Holleder Center is that the concessions and pro shop are located on the concourse level between Tate Rink and Christl Arena and services both during game days. There was a great atmosphere on the concourse level as people were lining up to buy "Army" apparel and many people were just hanging out having a good time.  

Stairs leading up to the concourse level of the Holleder Center (photo credit: Corey Mansfield) 
Concourse level of the Holleder Center (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)
I was really blown away when I entered the rink. It was very nice, professional looking, and very very clean. It was pretty awesome! Check out the video below of the rink.

A view from center ice (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)
After walking around the arena for a little while I met up with Ally Keirn who gave me a tour of the facility.  It was cool to see the in's and out's of the arena. I really appreciated her taking the time to show me around.

Team benches (photo credit: Corey Mansfield) 
There was just so much to take in at the Holleder Center including the history of West Point. One of the great features is the "Wall of Captains," which has the all the team captains in history of West Point.

The Wall of Captains (photo credit: Corey Mansfield) 
Another unique feature about Tate Rink is the jumbo screen in the arena. It shows highlights, information, and interesting graphics through out the game. It definitely adds to the great atmosphere of the arena. 

The jumbo screen (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)
The in game experience was pretty nice, after the first period the athletic department did their annual "Teddy Bear Toss." However, a side from that their wasn't much entertainment in between periods. 

Overall,  the experience was pretty cool. The arena was a great place to watch a hockey game and there was a great atmosphere. I really enjoyed walking around and looking at all the historical pieces around the arena. I highly recommend making the trip to West Point to watch a game. 

Here are some more photos I took during my visit to West Point. Also, check out my photos from the game. 

Another view of the ice (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)
Fans got a chance to pick up some pocket schedules and a schedule poster (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)

A photo looking at the jumbo screen (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)
Another view of the jumbo screen (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)
Ice level prior to the game (photo credit: Corey Mansfield) 
The scoreboard (photo credit: Corey Mansfield)

A view of the rink looking at the entrance (photo credit: Corey Mansfield) 

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